Thursday, March 18, 2010

Somebody Please Shoot Me

So the kids have been out of school for their spring cycle break for almost two weeks now.  It's been cold and rainy most days and I've had a hell of a time with them.  I'm about to pull my hair out and they know it.  When they smell weakness...look out!  They know I cannot possibly watch every move that I make and when I'm in the midst of doing anything, that's when the mayhem ensues...and I'm always doing something.  Today I got a jump on cleaning the house, I was so proud of myself.  It takes little to make me happy.  Anyway, so I cleaned the bathroom, poured some of that blue toilet bowl stuff under the rim and swished away.  I left the toilet brush under the rim to drip dry and continued on with my cleaning.  I came back about 30 minutes later and the blue water was green.  Now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened here.  One of my darling little trouble makers came in and peed and did not bother to ongoing issue in our home.  I dream of the day that I won't walk into the bathroom and find a surprise in the potty.

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